Oliver is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in the mobile and internet industry. He has a long history of successful foundings, including one of the first European internet start-ups back in 1997, while he was still in university, and a lot of experience in high management positions. He later pivoted the company towards mobile and in 2004 formed 3united AG, a 3-way merger that created a top European player in mobile content. Early 2006, 3united was acquired by VeriSign for € 55M. After working a few years in a high management position at Verisign in the Silicon Valley, he moved back to Austria where he created a platform for business angels before raising € 10M to found Speedinvest, a fund dedicated to revolutionize European venture capital by not only investing capital, but also providing entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience. The fund has already achieved seven exits and several follow-up financings by international top-investors. Speedinvest 2 was launched in 2015 with a volume of € 90M. Speedinvest currently has offices in Vienna, Munich and in the Silicon Valley. The main investment targets are IT, fintech, media and e-commerce start-ups.